“Playing is such an important part of our healing process – our spirit needs to frolic so we can return to Innocence”

I facilitate authentic mind and heart opening San Pedro plant medicine hiking adventures which can range from one day experiences to a multi-day hikes in the most beautiful and breath-taking settings in the mountains exploring pristine forests, waterfalls and rivers.

San Pedro is a tool for meditation and self-awareness, helping to clear past wounds and enable a more heart-centred way of being. It can bring limiting thoughts and beliefs to the surface of one’s consciousness; what no longer serves our highest good has the opportunity to be released (purged).

Return to Innocence Hike

Through purifying and balancing the body, mind, and spirit, it facilitates the expansion of consciousness and makes room for more lightness in our life experience. Freeing ourselves of our limitations and helps us feel a greater sense of well-being, love and affinity for others, and a deeper connectedness with Mother Earth.

Typically a day in the mountain with me will take you through an experience of exploring your own inner world and how that affects your daily life. You will also be able to;

  • Understand your current reality and what creates the confusion, anger, anxiety, stress, depression, frustration etc. that keeps you stuck in a pattern of disorder.
  • Learn how to create space between your thoughts and develop mindful discipline.
  • Learn how to observe the mind.
  • Cultivate a powerful self-love practice.
  • Create mindful silence and how to do this on demand in your daily life.
  • Develop an authentic presence.
  • How to tap into and return to innocence.
  • Access your deeper knowing and intuition.
  • Learn the art of surrender

As a plant medicine facilitator who understands the psycho-spiritual process of working with medicinal plants, I can safely guide a guest or client through the journey of medicine work.  The process I use is put together from many years of medicine work with very experienced teachers and subsequent trial and error of running and assisting in plant medicine ceremonies.

These voyages take place in a group setting however, one on one day hikes can be arranged and is highly recommended and popular.  For more information on these hike’s please get in contact with me.

What is San Pedro? Where does it come from?  And what does it do?

The question remains, can plants really help us access mystical realms and impossible cures? This very special cactus from the Andes just may prove that it is possible.

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.”

This concept is a belief shared by many Curanderos and shamans throughout the world. In most tribal cultures, native plants are woven into the fabric of their everyday lives. Plants are used throughout the entire life process – from conception to death, for healing and for spiritual purposes. There are even certain plants that they consider as “power plants” – plants with extra-special abilities for healing, as well as opening spiritual portals. These power plants are often called “master teachers” or “teacher plants”, and are considered to be spiritual healers, as well as doctors of the flesh. There are a number of different power plants found throughout the Americas. One such plant that goes by the name San Pedro (Huachuma), originated in the Andes and the surrounding desert areas of Peru.

Huachuma (Trichocereus/Echinopsis pachanoi), also known as aguacolla, hahuacollay, pachanoi, achuma, andachuma, or wachuma, is a shamanic medicine that some consider being one of the greatest of the plant teachers. It is derived from the San Pedro cactus and comprised principally of mescaline – a psychedelic alkaloid that is also found in peyote (another psychedelic cactus from North America). The effects of mescaline have been described as “empathogenic” and potentially life-changing, promoting radical introspection, healing, and a sense of wonder and awe.”

People who have participated in huachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies have reported feeling inspired, having a spiritual or out of body experience, more creativity, experiencing a heart opening, healing of trauma, freedom from depression, PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, and addictions. There are even claims of “miracle healings” with the use of huachuma – sudden healing from chronic issues, cancer, infertility, and more.

Medical research into San Pedro has shown that it can lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiac disease, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can treat hypertension, anxiety, and nervous conditions.

The San Pedro cactus has powerful antimicrobial properties, which have the potential for preventing the growth of more than a dozen strains of penicillin-resistant bacteria, including Staphylococcus.

This work is for those who have felt the call and are ready to answer. It is for those who have journeyed far both inward and outward, and is ready for more revealing. This work is for those who are ready to face their shadows while also shining their lights bright. This work is for those ready to reconnect with their true nature, to remember what it means to be a human being, and to walk in communion. This work is for those who are ready to take off their masks, to free long-held beliefs, and to liberate stuck emotions from the body.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore I encourage you to get in contact with me. These hikes are absolutely incredible and very popular.  Make use of my 15 minute free consultation and let’s start the journey to rapid growth and powerful transformation together.

This is the most augmented medicinal journey I have ever done.  Quentin came highly recommended and brings a lot of wisdom, techniques and insights to the table.  Using his well taught techniques I can face life’s challenges with ease and grace.  He provides a safe space to uncover, accept, transform, re-align, integrate and find your flow.

Luyanda Ndaba – Research Journalist