“The only limits you have are the limits you believe to be true”

Be In The Driver Seat Of Your Life. Experience Powerful Techniques And Proven Therapies; Utilize Your Powerful Subconscious Mind To Create Your Desired Reality. Become your Own Masterpiece. Influence The World Powerfully and leave Behind a Legacy.

Join my Signature 8 Week Online Life Transformation Programme NOW or join me on a 1 on 1 Return to Innocence hike.  I can help you overcome your anger and other negative emotions, past trauma’s and negative limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you can experience freedom in your relationships.

What is a Transformation Coach? What do I do? How can I help You?

A Transformation coach can help you improve in a variety of areas that impact the quality of your life. Coaching has been known to deeply impact confidence, improve work performance and build stronger relationships.

One crucial way coaching helps individuals is how it helps you to see yourself more clearly, providing you with a structure for the reflection that is necessary for learning and growth. It helps you understand your values and where you actions diverge from your values or goals.

Coaching helps you reconnect with what you love about your life and your work thus shifting your quality of life overall.

The right coach challenges you to develop in new and exciting ways, deepen your life’s meaning and unlock your potential in all the areas of life: Career, health, wellness, family, love, finance, hobbies and more. A coach is an invaluable asset that can help you achieve your dreams and goals in twice the speed with half the stress.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to learn how to manage yourself instead of trying to manage everything outside of you?

In this game called life obstacles are sure and you find it to be challenging at times. More often than not, you may even lack the tools needed to navigate these experiences successfully. This can leave you feeling isolated, misunderstood or even unworthy of anything better than a life of suffering.

You are on a journey called LIFE – living, working, being, day by day. Pretty much the same every single day or perhaps you have days that have more challenges than others – but still, you are on a journey through life.

Your relationships may not be as you have hoped.

You might be holding on to a dead dead-end career just to be able to pay the bills and make ends meet, your finances may be affected or your sense of self may be unclear, or you may even experience low self-confidence and self-esteem or struggle with negative emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, lack of self-worth and self-love.

You may even have considered ending your life as you see no other alternative.  Perhaps you have no idea where to look, or even what it is you are looking for. Sadly, this leads to frustration and feeling hopelessly ‘lost’. The list can go on and on, but you will agree that for anyone this can alter and change everything in your life.

“Although suffering is a great teacher, it does not have to be your life companion”.

I want you to imagine; you have a rocket strapped to your back, fully loaded with fuel.  This rocket is on full blast and you are on route to space (your vision) but your negative self-image and the collection of negative limiting beliefs and emotional baggage you are carrying are like chains hooked into your back and anchored to the ground.

The bigger the desire (need to reach the vision) for this rocket to launch into space the more pressure these chains create on your back, you are working harder and harder to get somewhere but you are not getting any momentum.  Your negative self-image, collection of negative beliefs created through your child hood traumas and emotional baggage become heavier with each triggered instance and you struggle to move towards your goals (space). You are exhausted and do not have the energy to go on.

Imagine every negative emotion as a separate chain anchored to the ground. It actually hurts physically and creates an imbalance in the body leading to all sorts of disease like cancers, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, stress, body aches and pains to mention a few.  This is what is preventing you from getting momentum towards your desired life.  Eventually you will run out of rocket fuel (burnout) or give up following your dreams and goals entirely unless these chains are broken.

How many chains do you have weighing you down every day – unconsciously?

You may feel insecure, anxious, depressed even hopeless like life has no meaning. Medication is not working any more. (Did you know that severe mental and emotional stress can override medication?) Substance abuse could become a problem if it is not already a problem. It does not matter how many times you attempt to change, you just CANNOT get out of your situation or circumstances, or broken relationships.

Life becomes dark and even spirals out of control, your health – whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional – snowballs down a slippery slope, often with undiagnosed conditions. You become more and more hopeless because you do not have the answers. Your relationships with your loved ones become toxic and abusive, you feel like you are drowning in uncertainty.

Your career may be part of your complications or you may be negatively influenced because of these situations. You may even fear losing your job/career or enter a divorce at best. You may eventually not even recognize the person you have become, however all of this need not be. 

Understanding your mind and learning how it really works is an extraordinary advantage in life. Our entire internal world is governed by our mind which directly influences our state of being.  Our most dominant state of being in turn attracts outer experience.  In order to change everything you dislike in yourself and in your life you must start with an understanding of your mind. Change always comes from the inside.

My Life Transformation Programme

“The fundamental reason life may be experienced as empty and meaningless is that we’ve become disconnected from our authentic selves.”

There is another way to do life and play this “game” with ease and flow. I came to know this through my own experiences of pain and suffering.   You don’t need to go as far as I did down the rabbit hole, perhaps you are already there but it doesn’t matter, what matters is the action you take NOW.